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Haaves reefprosjekt v.2

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Dette er foreløpig bare en kladd fra forrige prosjekt.




Akvarie + sump = 450 liter


2 x Ecotech MP40QD



Nyos Quantum 160

xx kg levende stein



Ecotech Radion XR30w G4 Pro


Annet utstyr 

AquaMedic Helix Max 9W UV

Deltec FR509

Tunze Silence 1073.05 returpumpe

Tunze Osmolator Universal 3155

Sander ozonisator 50 mg

Eheim Jäger 250w

Grotech TEC III NG





5 x Blue/green reef chromis (Chromis viridis)

2 x Amphiprion Ocellaris

1 x Yellow tang (Zebrasoma flavescens)



Acropora tortuosa (Robin's Egg Acro)

Acropora desalwii

Acropora spp (green hairy monster (kallenavn))

Acropora anthocercis (ORA Mars red planet)

Acropora valida (Purple Bonsai / Tricolor)

Acropora tenius spp (midnight blue tenius)

Acropora spp (Patella tricolor)

Acropora spp (Silver millepora)

Acropora efforescence

Acropora spp (blue-purple, yellow florescent skin)

Montipora forrest fire

Montipora capricornis rød

Zoanthus watermelon





1 x Acropora Aussie ukjent id.

1 x Acropora Caroliniana

1 x Acropora Desalwi

1 x Acropora Dypvannskorall

1 x Acopora Efflorescens

1 x Acropora Knall gul (stammer fra Bjørn Kristiansen)

1 x Acropora Humilis green

1 x Acropora Hyacinthus

1 x Acropora Joe the Coral? (stammer fra Bjørn Kristiansen)

1 x Acropora Microclados Strawberry Shortcake Badabing

1 x Acropora Millepora Bubblegum

1 x Acropora Nasuta

1 x Acropora Pearlberry ORA

1 x Acropora Pearlberry (rød)

1 x Acropora Purple Bonsai

1 x Acropora Red Dragon

2 x Acropora Spathulata

1 x Acropora Tenuis

1 x Acropora Tri Diamond

1 x Acropora Turaki

1 x Acropora Valida

1 x Acropora Valida (usikker på id)

1 x Acropora Vladis (stammer fra Vladis)

1 x Frogspawn

1 x Montipora Australiensis (Hulken)

1 x Montipora sp. red

1 x Montipora sp. green

1 x Montipora Confusa green

1 x Montipora Digitata red

1 x Montipora Digitata green

1 x Montipora Setosa

1 x Ricordea Yuma

1 x Ricordea Florida

1 x Stylopora lilla "milka"

1 x Zoanthus gul senter/grønne tupper

1 x Zoanthus orange/red

1 x Zoanthus Watermelon



1 x Astropecten Polycanthus

5 x Hermit crab (red leg) Indonesia.

2 x Turbosnegler


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