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Aquarium stores in Oslo, lillestrom, Ahus


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Hi All,

My name is Maroun and I'm from Lebanon. I am visiting Norway this week and will be in Oslo, Lilestrom, Ahus area.

Can I please ask you to indicate good stores to visit in this area? Also if there are any club meetings to attend or public aquariums to visit.

Finally if any reefers are located close to where I am would be great to meet over a coffee.

I have been running a marine tank since 1998 and have upgraded ran a 300 litres and then a 600 litres and now I'm running a 1500 litres tankw ith system volume of around 3000 litres. mostly interested in hard corals but would be great to visit any stores and checkout what equipment or other I might find here.

Thanks for your help.

Maroun Chahine.

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Hi Maroun.c and welcome to norway ;)​ im living in stavanger and cant help you but there is some stores around Oslo


If you have car or want to take bus you have



- ​webzoo 35 min from Oslo

- wetpet around 41 min from Oslo

- Zoo-hjørnet Østfoldhallen around 1.10 min from oslo ​

- Akvariemagasinet 15 min from Oslo



I will guss the best Place for you to go is webzoo or zoo-hjørnet beacuse they normally have alot of SPS :)










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