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  • Du finner det gamle designet ved å skrifte tema på bunnen av siden
  • Har du lyst til å vise oss akvariet ditt? Kontakt gjerne styret så kan vi ha ett hjemmemøte hos deg! Alle akvariesystemer er interessante!


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  1. MikeS

    DD 20 watt uv


    • FOR SALE
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    DD 20 Watt UV. Sandnes

    750.00 NOK

  2. As new ( used 3 weeks ) with new tubes . 6000kr. Sandnes. Mobile 99228548
  3. Giesemann Helios 2 x 50watt led clusters og 4 x 54watt T5, 120cm lengde, gloss hvit farge. 5000kr.
  4. Not impressed with Reefshop at all. Ordered and paid for an item in April, it still hasn't turned up. They don't answer emails, had to order the same item elsewhere, give them a big fat miss.
  5. It's the business Trond, really good effort :-).
  6. 1 word describes, stunning. Nice 1 Trond.
  7. Hi Frode If you contact Maboob at Aquatic Design Centre ( real name, head of marine department ) in good time before travel he'll try and get you what you're after.... Number- 00442075806764. l've brought fish back from there before, no problems. Mike
  8. http://www.marineaquatics.co.uk/shop/maq-aquariums.html l'm one of the 3 in Stavanger with one of Lee's tanks, very happy with it:-).
  9. Yesssss Congratulations Bjørn, let's hope it has been worth the wait. Would love to be able to help you up the stairs with it, men jeg er på Kreta! Lykke til Mike
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