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  1. Fjærehinneslekta, sa du?

    i am not sure the thickens/quality is the same, as with aquarium brands not all are equal. One that is thin could be a problem as it falls apart very fast when wet. otherwise they are made of the same thing and will give the same nutrition to the fish. it should be cheaper or at least more in a pack; i know its been used in the UK and USA mostly by guys with larger tanks and many tangs
  2. Vanskelig å lese av Red Sea Nitrat

    the red sea should be better at the low end then the salifert test, though agree the salifert one is easy to use and gives you a good idea of the general range and thats real all you need. how old is the test, how long has it been open? it could be a change in the chemicals if its been open a long time, if i remember correctly both parts A and B are liquid
  3. Identifisere små hvite prikker på stein

    had some looking similar a week or two back, for sure a type of snail egg, i got a few different ones in the tank but i would go with Nerite as well, seen very similar from freshwater Nerites a number of times
  4. Brunt blod overalt!

    for only a bristleworm its not a big deal, however for other worms like the bobbit (eunice) worm they can reproduce through division. if the rest of your clean up crew eat the remaining part of the worm and whats come out of it then it just like any other food. it may be worth laying a bottle trap for bristleworms if you have some that large as they can be a little predatory once large enough, lots of small ones are better.
  5. Rookie Red Sea Max 250

    eagle gives some good advice, i think getting and ro-di water maker could save you problems in the long run, you can also buy from the shop if you visit often enough, wetpet is an ok store and you can get what you need, the new store tropestua look to be very promising, run buy one of the nicest guys i have met in the hobby and someone who is knowledgable and trustworthy for the live/living stone there are two schools of thought it is very good and dose an experiential job of filtering the water and making a natural picture of the tank but it can come with some unwanted pests getting ceramic and adding bacteria to make it live dose just as good job but might take a little longer to offer equal filtering capabilities. for this see what the shops have and what looks best to you, both are relatively expensive but vital components
  6. Hammerkorall

    some very nice growth there, there corals can do exceptionally well in the aquarium
  7. Antall saltvannskar i Norge?

    been thinking about this for some time since it was posted, and i keep coming back to the thought 600 seems optimistic, and even if it is close to 600 the number of guys who go to the store every month and spend a few thousand on livestock is limited (once your tank is full you let it grow out or go bigger). most money for a shop is in equipment and upgrades but i dont see the number of new hobbyists buying all new equipment when good deals are to be had on finn and facebook. much the same goes for freshwater, but people seem to take the risk more on a freshwater tank and seem to buy new more often, likely due to lower start up cost and cheaper livestock, even a high tec planted fresh water is much less cost then saltwater despite similar maintenance levels and comparable difficulty (i have only spoken to a handful of others who keep such a tank) overall i think saltwater needs better advertising to beginners and if expectations are managed a 200-400l system can be easy and cheap to maintain. the big problem is people see a verity of amazing tanks and different expensive methods and dont bother trying or give up when there first efforts fail (mostly from lack of experience or multiple changes to fix relatively small problems that could be left alone) the internet as a massive source of help and a even bigger hindrance to those who know no less. there also seems to be a lack of younger people starting the hobby at any level
  8. Levetid på T5 ? Når må man egentlig bytte ?

    this is a long test it must take 12 to 18 months to get results so dont expect anything yet. BRS have been doing some fantastic research great for all reefers
  9. Stor døgnvariasjon i KH med ny Kalsiumreaktor

    some daily variation is normal, think of when corals grow the most and when you dose/top it up. but there are many factors that could effect it, pH and alk are very closely linked
  10. Red Sea Max 130 D RSM 130D

  11. Red Sea Max 130 D RSM 130D

  12. Red Sea Max 130 D RSM 130D

    Hei, er interessert i å kjøpe akvariumet, hadde det vært mulig å kommet på besøk for å se det? Mvh Maria og Alex