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  • Du finner det gamle designet ved å skrifte tema på bunnen av siden
  • Har du lyst til å vise oss akvariet ditt? Kontakt gjerne styret så kan vi ha ett hjemmemøte hos deg! Alle akvariesystemer er interessante!


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  1. Jeg har byttet ut min gamle basseng pumpe------du kan kjøpe den billig veldig billig!
  2. Send pm Eller SMS 47293522
  3. Jeg kan kommer og hente i dag eller imorn. MVH Dean
  4. Im interested in skiveanemoner. Kan du send bilder til 4729352to mvh Dean
  5. Crass

    Cheato øk!

    Hei I would like to buy or swop something for cheats algae ! Kan hentes! Oslo / Drammen SMS på norsk 4729352to Mvh Dean
  6. Hi Im making a quick round trip to Uddevalla /Trollhattan in Sweden tomorrow. Any cool shops on the way? MVH Dean
  7. Crass

    Panther Grouper

    Hi Im selling/swap(open to all suggestions)my panther grouper, because he is getting to big for my tank after he ate most of my damsels and gobies! Aprox. 10 cm! BEWARE: predator tank only because he will eat fish half his own size! http://www.liveaquaria.com/product/prod_display.cfm?c=15+32+154&pcatid=154 Sms 4729352to or pm me! I live in Lier (willing to deliver in 40km radius) Feel free to reply in Norwegian.
  8. Crass

    green button polyps

    Hi I have 2 frags of Protopalythoa Mutuki for sale or swap. They are on coral pieces with apron 25 polyps per stone. gi bud per stone or swap. Im interested in Hystrix, caliendrum , zoas and Mushrooms (blue), or LPS (willing to pay the difference) . Or anything that isn't brown or Latte coloured. I live in Lier but can drop off in Oslo. sms me on 4729352two In Norwegian if you want. Mvh Dean
  9. silly question Hvilken tid er Koral auksjon? mvh Dean
  10. sorry sold…..got a offer on pm
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