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  1. sorry i just realised it was in the done and dusted section.....hahahah
  2. Jeg har byttet ut min gamle basseng pumpe------du kan kjøpe den billig veldig billig!
  3. Send pm Eller SMS 47293522
  4. Jeg kan kommer og hente i dag eller imorn. MVH Dean
  5. Im interested in skiveanemoner. Kan du send bilder til 4729352to mvh Dean
  6. Crass

    Cheato øk!

    Hei I would like to buy or swop something for cheats algae ! Kan hentes! Oslo / Drammen SMS på norsk 4729352to Mvh Dean
  7. Hi Im making a quick round trip to Uddevalla /Trollhattan in Sweden tomorrow. Any cool shops on the way? MVH Dean
  8. Crass

    Panther Grouper

    Hi Im selling/swap(open to all suggestions)my panther grouper, because he is getting to big for my tank after he ate most of my damsels and gobies! Aprox. 10 cm! BEWARE: predator tank only because he will eat fish half his own size! http://www.liveaquaria.com/product/prod_display.cfm?c=15+32+154&pcatid=154 Sms 4729352to or pm me! I live in Lier (willing to deliver in 40km radius) Feel free to reply in Norwegian.
  9. Hi I have 2 frags of Protopalythoa Mutuki for sale or swap. They are on coral pieces with apron 25 polyps per stone. gi bud per stone or swap. Im interested in Hystrix, caliendrum , zoas and Mushrooms (blue), or LPS (willing to pay the difference) . Or anything that isn't brown or Latte coloured. I live in Lier but can drop off in Oslo. sms me on 4729352two In Norwegian if you want. Mvh Dean
  10. silly question Hvilken tid er Koral auksjon? mvh Dean
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