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Korall avleggere, fargerike og flotte, ink sjeldne SPS, LPS, Zoas, Ultra Acans.

Coral frags SPS LPS Zoanthid extremly colourful and many rarer species, ALL Aquacultred, adapted and quarantined a LONG time ago! A lot more user friendly than mari-cultured coral.

Over 50 species of Tropical SPS, LPS , Zooanthidsa and Acans fragged, quarantined, pest free and ready for your aquarium. ALL pictures are from my system

Species/Prices below: Yes / no indicates inclusiusion in 'pack deals')

Acropora 20+ Species

A. tenius spp (midnight blue tenius) 350kr yes
A. anthocercis (ORA Mars red plannet) 350-600kr (yes  smaller frags)
A. tenius spp (Walt dysney acropora) 600-1500kr no
A. hyacinthus (blue green 350kr yes
A. plalma (Blue Millepora) 350kr yes
A. vilada (Purple Bonsai / Tricolor) 350kr yes 
A. subtulayes yes 350kr yes
A. solitaryensis yes 350kr yes
A. spp (Patella tricolor) 350kr yes
A. tortuosa 350kr yes
A. bellina 350kr yes
A. desalwii 350kr yes
A. grandiosa 350kr yes
A. florida 350kr yes
A. spp (Silver millepora) 350kr yes
A. suharsonoi (deepwater acro) 350kr yes
A. spp (Aurora Borealis) 350kr yes
A. spp (blue green fine branching) 350kr yes
A. spp (green hairy monster) 350kr yes


M.digitata (fire red digitata) 350kr no
M. Capricornis (acid green) 250kr yes
M. Capricornis (fluro pink) 250kr yes
M. spp encrusting (green hulk) 300kr yes
M. spp encrusting (rainbow montopora) 400kr no
M. digitata (green) 250kr yes

Stylophora. spp

Stylophora milka (purple Stylo) 350kr yes
Stylopora pistella (green stylo) 250kr yes

Pocillopora Damicornis (pink with green polyps 300kr yes)

Anthacantus. spp:
Anthacantus 'Ultra' 5+colour Acans (300kr per head) no
Anthacantus 'Supers' 3+colours Acans (200kr per head) no

Zoanthids.spp (kr per head)

Fluro pinks 100kr yes
Fluro greens 50kr yes
Fluro Oranges 120kr yes
Rasta's 200kr yes
Rainbows 100kr yes

From my collection I’ve gone through this process over years and ALL corals are growing in captivity FREE from unwanted pests, my quarantine procedures are very strict including fish and coral quarantine.

-Aquarium cultivated
-AMAZING colors, NOT color enhanced. Corals are better than the pictures in real life!
-Free from ALL coral eating pests
-Aquarium ADAPTED
-Ready to GROW in your tank
-Included with proven growing and a number of care tips included if you want them ;)
-Ridiculously healthy and vibrant, and not one mistake form death.
-Strong corals tolerate shipping EASILY 


Most frags are 250-350Kr, 

Frag packs:

5 for 1500Kr  shipping 400kr 48hr in Norway
10 for 2700Kr shipping 200kr 48hr in Norway
20 for 4900Kr FREE shipping 48hr in Norway

'Starter Pack' Of easier SPS corals, tougher species known to tolerate less stability or less than ideal conditions including Pocillopora / Stylophora spp ... 5 for 1300Kr including a starter pack of 200g Kalkwasser :)

Zoanthids and LPS are priced per head from 200Kr per frag - 250Kr per head depending on how slow they are to cultivate.

Slower growing SPS species are priced from 400Kr to 1500Kr depending on size.

'ULTRA' acans (5+ colours) 500Kr per head - not available just yet but I’m taking pre-frag orders
'SUPER' Acans (3+ colours) 200Kr per head - a few available but also taking pre-frag orders

How large are Frags? By a worldwide aquaculture standard, my frags are BIG! But compared to mari-cultured species that you’ll find in shops around, they are smaller HOWEVER there is a BIG DIFFERENCE… Frags are FULLY AQUARIUM ADAPTED corals CANNOT be compared to mari-cultured / wild corals. Free from pests and ready for YOUR AQUARIUM, a little dose of reefers patience some of water and light, you will have a bigger coral without risking the rest of your stock. 
This applies to your fish as well. In previous aquariums i have found that amongst other things, whitespot spores can find their way into aquaria from corals I’m afraid. All my fish have had rigous quarantine, I’ve not seen a whitespot on them!

Money back guarantee, if your not happy with any corals 7 day money back guarantee! These corals are STRONG giving you the best chance of success, so long as your water is OK and if your water is not OK, its OK, I can give ADVICE and will HELP you FIX IT! :)

I want YOU to succeed, your success is my success reefing needs to grow here in Norway! We are so few.
A successful reef starts with good reliable equipment and healthy stock.... Get your corals growing again with healthy stock and a winning formula!:)

Vi snakkes! 


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