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Koraller - fraggar

   (0 reviews)

Koraller - fraggar

   (0 reviews)

50.00 NOK

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Caulestrea curvata, neongrön,
Discosoma sp, blue/purple,
Zoanthus sp, watermelon,
Montipora capricornis, green, 
Montipora capricornis, purple,
Montipora capricornis, red, 
Stylophora milka, purple/pink,
Pocilliopora damicornis, pink,
Montipora digitata, silverblue,
Montipora digitata, forest fire,
Seriatopora guttatus,
Seriatopora caliendrum,
Montipora capitata, green with purple polyps, apple berry,

Singel frag: 50-350
Frag packs: 5 frags - 500 nok, 10 frags - 900 nok, 15 frags - 1275,

Acropora tortuosa, ice
Acropora echinata, ice fire
Acropora valida, tricolor
Acropora caroliniana,
Acropora millipora, pink
Acropora tenius, blue
Acropora efflorescens,
Acropora humilis,
Acropora Valida, "grape wine valida"
Acropora "staghorn" blue,
Acropora "tierra del fuego"
Acropora sp, baser på sten.

Singel frag: 250-400
Frag packs: 5 frags - 1000, 10 frags - 1750, 15 frags - 1600,

Fungia sp, orange/neon, 450
Fungia sp green/neon, 400
Acantophyllia deshayesiana, gold/yellow/orange 1200
Trachyphyllia geoffroyi, red 800
Goniopora sp, 450

Byter gärna mot andra ting.

Finns i Porsgrunn.

Kan sändas på köpares önskemål.


Porsgrunn - Norway

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